Thursday, October 6, 2011


If  I am not mistaken those are a words in a song...but how many times have you heard people complain about what is wrong in the world.  How it was and how it should be....It made me stop when I thought about those words on my walk back from the Pharmacy...and as I walked and pondered those words I realize the reason we keep waiting for the world to changes is because we ourselves are afraid of change...the fear of the unknown holds a lot of us back.  So if we are afraid of change so maybe the rest of the folks in the world are afraid of change as well.  It would make sense don't you think?

I will continue with words  from songs for another thought.  Michael Jackson sang about starting with the man in the mirror and asking him to change his ways.  Again if we take a moment and think about those words....we are so willing to complain about how things are going in our lives, our neighborhoods, our community, our state, our country and finally the world.  But what we don't do and by we I mean a majority of us is take the first steps to do something about it.  We are afraid...change is stressful, uncomfortable and again down right scary.  Is the solution to bury our heads in the sand and say LET  SOMEONE ELSE DO IT.  And, when someone else does step forward and does it and changes happens....but it is not the change we want...what do we do...we complain.

I have been through a lot of "STUFF" the last 12 years of my life....there were a lot of changes some that I could control and some that I could not.  Was I afraid?...HELL YES....even when I was in control of the change....But even more so when I was not....Am I blessed? Some would say yes and others would say no I was just lucky...I am here today, why because I had no choice my heart was giving up on me and I had no choice.  So I got a heart...and it was a good change.  

I made some other changes in my life,  that some people found rather ODD!!!  I made personal choices in my life and for once did not care about the consequences...was I always up front with people about my changes...No, and for that I am sorry.  

So as I was walking it occurred to me....we all need to look in the mirror and see that person who could make the world change.....If you keep on waiting for the world to change and let life go by because you are can't complain. 

Everyone talks about wanting PEACE in the this not the standard answerer for all those BEAUTY CONTESTANTS....."I would like to see the PEACE in the World." Well that is a nice statement but you need to put some actions behind those tonight ask yourself am I doing all I can to make things better not only in my life, my neighborhood, my community, my state, my country and my world.  Your answer may just surprise you!!!!!



What an odd title for a post...I would agree with you except I think that it is not only true for me but for a lot of you as well.  So let us take a look at it :)

OK so we may not have hotels in space or flying cars and robot maids, but we do live in an age of technology.  I will be the first to admit that I for one was very sceptical of the whole notion of computers when the first came out.  I remember typing my college papers on a good old fashion type was electric.....some of you may remember doing that with one that was not electric....and some of you are saying, "What the hell is a type writer??"  But when I first got sick in 1998 the computer became my friend it was with the computer that I not only found but became involved with ACHA and made amazing is sad to say that some of those friends are no longer with us.  So the computer became my life and my I would be on it all the time....this was before lap tops and I-pad and notebooks and cell phones that you can do that we have now.  

And, I guess that is my point...finding time for me or in your case finding time for you.  We are so connected with the world today that it is sometimes mind blowing....and if your not a Blogger or on Facebook or Google Talk or really don't understand how much time you vest with these social media gadgets.  Now don't get me wrong I am not saying they are bad...but they can be addicting.  I am guilty of it myself..I blog, I am on Facebook, Twitter and Skype.  It is fun it allows us to interact with folks we would not be able to interact with otherwise and sometimes we even get to meet these people in the flesh at a meet up where there is conversations but also at the same time everyone is on their hand held device of choice following and telling the rest of the world what is going on.

We have jobs/school and these things are important for us to maintain the lifestyle we have become fond of having there are some draw backs.  Demands are made that at times get in the way of taking time for ourselves.  It is at time a real pain in the ASS but we need to have a place to live and food so we take the trade off.

We all also have families/friends and taking care of their needs sometimes means not taking care of ours.  Is it not IRONIC that people get married have kids and then never get to spend with their children.  We get busy.  We over enrolled them in to many activities (because as we know you need to raise well rounded children).  Then we Bitch and Moan when we have to drive them here or there...we need to work overtime or even a second job so that we can afford these activities...this does not leave a lot of time to be with our families let alone carve out a space of time for ourselves.  And let me say for the record that if your spouse is a stay at home spouse and you think they have me time...guess again....there is shopping and taking kids here and there...laundry, cleaning and cooking....maintaining everyone schedule so people are where they need to be when they need to be there.

So, what is the solution.....I don't we go back to the days where we shut down everything for Shabbat (if you are Jewish) do we go back to the BLUE Sunday Laws in the States....Do we change the usual 40 hour 5 day work week down to a 40 hour 4 day week?
I don't have the answers....but I will make a few suggestions.  Turn everything off for a 24 hour period once a week...don't have your children in every activity (when they really want to spend time with you).  Try a family dinner and game or movie night or better yet just sit at the dinner table and talk once or twice a week.  Get everyone involved in making dinner and cleaning up afterwards.  Do a weekly family clean up....a dirty house is a sign of a family having fun...not a busy family...every once in a while have a family hooky day from work and school and go do something fun.

Now I know that is easier said then done>>>>but think about it could it work...will you find time for yourself...maybe and maybe not but what do you got to lose by trying it  You may actually find time for yourself...what was that called again oh yeah ME TIME

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