Sunday, May 31, 2009

If it is monday that means another trip into Oakland

Will be leaving house at 6 AM to get to hospital......hard to believe that I have not been there in two weeks but there ya go......I will first meet with clinic staff and the have a right heart cath and a biopsy.

Really another poke in the neck a few number readings and then a few snips to check for rejection.....TA DA ...... a bandage and another hickey mark on the neck. What else could I be doing....O yeah.working and rehab.....choices.choices!!!

Have a good day!!!!!!

Sunday to Sunday the week in review!

Started Cardiac rehab on Wed 5/27

Friday the 29th shrink and cardiac rehab

Saturday visited cousin in from Florida, home to walk for half hour, out to dinner with Sharon, some strolling in the mall, watched the PENS LOSE, bed

Sunday cleaning the house then we went to park to shoot hoops. off to wal mart, to Ali's house to retrieve Evan's cell phone, to a clients house to pick up paperwork, to office to drop it off.

Came home and wrote the thank you note to the donor family. Now off to read a book.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It Is Over And Done!!!!!!!!!!

I went to see cardiologist on March 20th...He says we can do a heart cath on Monday the 23rd....I agree but only if I can stay in hospital and get some of the fluid off my body...he agrees and so I stay and each day the water remains....on Tuesday the 24th the give me meds that make my heart pump easier and efficiently thinking this would help...doc says I know moved from a level 2 to a level 1b and would I be ready if a heart should be available in the next week or so.......HELL YES!! The very next day he comes in at 10 am and says we have a heart..started surgery at 11:30 on March 25th and finish on 26th.....things did not go well as my kidneys would not play nice so spent a few days on dialysis....finally got to the floor and after a few days they took the bladder cath out......

I was finally discharged on April 21...and a week later celebrated my actual 45th birthday and my first birthday since getting my new heart.

I returned home on May 1stt\..Iam now driving..walking an hour a day starting tomorow...back at rehab and feeling wonderful!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!!!

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