Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got the swine flu shot!!!

Well after waiting and waiting I was able to get a N1H1 shot today....not only me...but Sharon and Evan as well. We are now able to be in crowds and best of all Sharon and I will be safe to be on the plane to go New York in a few weeks.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How would you answer!!

I attened a class last night where the discussion came up that we are moving medically in a direction with artifical advancements that it is probably going to be a reality that we could live past the age of a 120 or more.

So the question is.....would you want to live that long??

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well Thanksgiving is a little over a week away.....yes I am getting excited about cooking the Turkey and all the other goodies that I cook for this holiday.....However this year will be special. One is for the obvious reason....I am very thankful for my donor and his family for giving me and my family back my life....It will be a happy day for me, I will be celebrating 8 months since I got my transplant....I find that hard to even comprehend sometimes....I think that at this time last year the journey Along the Heart Trail had just begun!!! IT has been a crazy 12 months....The pre-transplant testing and all nervousness that comes with that!!! The excitement I felt when I got the call on January 23, when we were in Disney saying that I was going to be officially listed when we returned home on the 26. The depression and sense of doom I felt when I entered the hospital on March 20th, thinking I was there only for a few days to get off some fluid...the thrill I got when on March 25th they told me I had a heart.....Going down to the Pit and finally being taken in to surgery just before midnight and feeling a sense of calm. The recovery which at times was difficult but part of the plan....Laughing with Tanya and Ellen, my friends for life who drove down from New York and bought me a spaghetti and meatball dinner.....the meatball was enough for 3 meals...Finally getting to come back to my house with my dogs and the family...The folks at both Pulmonary and then Cardiac rehab that pushed me when I needed it. Returning to work in June and being able to attend the senior dinner and then the zoo trip where I pushed a double stroller around. Thankful that I was not hurt after my car accident on July 21....Although we did have a moment of anxiety. Thankful that in August I was able to spend 10 days at the beach with Evan....getting him up early the one morning to watch the sunrise...meeting a man on the pier who was watching it as well who was a cancer survivor. Thankful that in August I was able to walk a 5k.....something that I always wanted to do!! Thankful that I can go to the Y and work out for as long as I want without getting tired.

I am truly thankful for the second gift of life that I have been given. As a very spiritual person I always questioning why things happened to me and what my purpose was here on earth...learning and perhaps still learning that I may never know the reason. Thankful that I have a story to tell and hopefully my story will help others as they struggle with their journey in life.

I know that I am just running at the mouth...or in this case the fingers!!!!

So let me just finish by saying I am thankful for being alive, having a wonderful, loving and supportive wife, having wonderful friends who I see and those who I don't but we talk over the internet....Thankful that I have people who actually come and read this blog.

Have a great Thanksgiving in case I don't post before then,

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Been meaning to update this post!!

I am nothing special!
I must admit that I was a bit stunned last night at it was not the service, it is what happened after the service.Sharon and Ev wanted to go get Ice Cream, but we decided to stop into the social hall just to say a quick hello to everyone and then dash off.As, we were talking the mother of a young man who will have his Bar Mitzvah came up and told us that I was her son's Bar Mitzvah project. You see as a young person prepares for his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah they take on a project that allows them to do some form of Zedeka(giving of gifts, time or money) this young man has been making jar cookie know the kind that you get all the dry ingrediants that you need to make said cookie...he has been doing it since April around the time of Passover...he has a name for it but I can't remember that at this time but I do know the word heart is in there. His mother wanted us to know because he is donating all the money he raised to the National Transplant Fund...This is the Fund that holds all of the money people have donated to me to help set off the cost of meds and travel and whatever other exspenses I occur because of the transplant.Ok I got teary eyed and told the mother thanks for telling me because I would have been floored to hear this at his Bar Mitzvah.It is an honor to be this young man's project!!

I would like to tell you that Noah did an excellent Job on his Bar Mitzvah!!!
He was pleased to present me with a check for $736.00!!!!

Thank You Noah!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It has been a very long week!!

I have been fighting some kind of sinus thing now since last Sunday!!! It hit me and it hit me hard. I managed to go to work the times I needed to go but the rest of the time I was in bed. Finally on Friday I felt good...that is until about 8 PM when that good old fashion pain in my head came back...Spent most of today in bed or relaxing in my chair..I drank a lot of fluid and I made myself some Matzah Ball Soup. It is now after midnight...I took my meds again and did dose off for an hour or so......

Ok I hate being sick..throws my sugar out of whack and makes me cranky or as my family likes to but it "Dr. Anthony and Mr. Hyde" I really don't mean what I say or do and I feel bad but not feeling well and the sugar out of whack makes for a Horrible combination.

Funny thing is while I hate being least I am here to be sick....did not look that way back in March!!

Whatever this is will pass and then I can get back to the gym!!

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