Monday, November 24, 2008

The Meeting

Sorry it has taken so long to update but when I was getting ready to post yesterday there was a problem with the computer that I use. So Thursday was the meeting with the adult cardiologist to talk about possibility of a heart transplant. I had a test scheduled at 8:30 am, an appointment with the the lung doctor at 9:30 am, and then finally with the cardiologist at 1:20 pm. Evan was going away for the weekend and had to be at the drop off location at 3:15 pm. There was no way for us to make all the appointments and pick him up on time. So poor kid had to tag along.

First test went well....half of my diaphram does not work as well as the other but there is nothing they can do about it.

The lung guy sees no major issues with the lungs other then they are working at 50% this is not a concern with the heart I currently have and he suggested some rehab to build up conditioning but told us to check with cardiologist.

We had lunch and then headed to see there a half hour early as directed and met with his nurse. She came back 15 minutes later and stated that he was in the cath lab and would be there shortly. I think that this was a stress small room with only a clock on the wall ticking ever so loudly. I went to check on Evan and saw the doctor reviewing my records. He finally came in agreed that I would be a good canidate for a transplant and stated that he was in agreement with the lung doctor that the lungs and plumbing to the lungs from the heart may not sustain the new heart and we would still be in the same situation. So we maybe looking at a possible heart and lungs transplant....

Next step is to meet with the surgeon and get anyother test that they would like to have done it is no longer if I need a transplant but rather how soon do I need to go on the list.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who says Vampires are only out at night!!

Today was a day to go see the vampires at the local lab. I had to get my Thyroid checked as well as my 3 month sugar average....I also had my INR level checked. I did it first thing this morning came home and cleaned out the car. I am now keeping my fingers crossed that nothing happens to it as Sharon and her friends Four and Q have taken it for the day.

Tonight Evan has an outing with his youth group...they are going paint balling......

Thursday is the day of my last Pulmonary test. I will see the doc right after and then the meeting with the transplant team is in the afternoon.

I will post after that...It is a busy couple of days at work this week as we are being audited by the state.....we usually pass with great review but this year it is a new person so who knows...

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My diaphragm maybe broken...hope I don't get knocked up!!

I received a call today that the Pulmonolgist wants to do some testing of my diaphragm....He thinks there could be something wrong since it did not respond to the stimulus testing a couple of weeks ago...the girl said it would be a set of x-rays......(soon I should be glowing) Any way in my line of work you never want to hear someone say mydiaphragm maybe broken........That would not be good!!

Anyway, have a nice week.....until we meet again may your diaphragm never let you down!!!

Dumb things I have heard from the Medical field!!!!!

1. How do you know you have a mass in your left leg? Well the Doctor that I saw for it told me that it was a mass and it was an encapsulated nerve!!!!!!

2. SO how do you know you have fluid in your belly? I always look like I am nine months along in my pregnancy!!!!!

3. Fluid is a sign of possible liver damage...have they checked your liver??? No I thought I do all of these test first!!!!!!

And the how long have you had heart problems?


One question I need a license to be a doctor.....would a brain be nice to go along with it?????

Take a Chill Pill!!

As I posted last time, I had an appointment with the family Doctor to discuss possibly taking some sort of medication to take the edge off. We met and came up with Lexapro..everyone says that it makes you just not care and you know after being on it for almost 2 weeks I can agree.

House is a mess........I don't care!!!!
Someone cuts me off in traffic....I don't care!!!!
The state is coming to audit work....I don't care!!!
Evan has a bad day..........I care but I don't let it get to me!!!!
I'm having a bad day..feeling bad......but I don't care!!!!!!

So is working...I feel more relaxed and I guess that is what we were looking for when we picked out the medication!!!!


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