Friday, March 25, 2011

2 years ago today!!

It was 2 years ago at 9:25 AM I was still in the hospital in Kidney and Heart Failure. I was moved up the list the night before and I had 2 visitors, Leslie and Jill we were having a nice talk when the doctor came in and said, "We have a 22 year old heart, do you want it?" "Let me think about that for a second, HELL YES!!" I said.

He said to call who I needed to call and the surgery would take place later that day.

I called Sharon and told her to pack a suite case for 3 days because we have our heart. I sent a text to my co-workers, who were on their way to visit as I was sending them the message.

The rest of the day was filled with phone calls and visits.

at around 9:30PM some people where getting anxious because the surgery had not happened yet....But I was calm, the heart was mine and I knew somewhere a family was saying goodbye to a 22 year old child...and I could wait as long as it would take.

Finally at 11 PM they took me down to the holding area I said good bye to most of my family and was in the area when another friend Rebbecca came in and saw me. The last thing I remember is the doctor putting pads on my back.

I was told they started the operation at 12 AM on the 26th and it ended at 6:00 AM

As Sharon likes to Joke, That's Anthony he is quick and easy.

I have been blessed by this gift in so many ways that I can never say thank you enough to my donor or their family.

Out of respect for them THERE NOT BE A POST TOMORROW Rather it will be posted here:

2years ago today!!!!!

I received the gift of life. I received my HEART!!



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 years ago today!!

It was Tuesday March 24th at about 8 PM. I was still holding all this fluid....the doc came in and told me I was having Kidney failure and they were going to give me meds to help my heart beat more effectively...that was the bad news...the good news was that this would move me up the transplant I called Sharon and told this point we were originally told it was going to be a 18-24 month I told her maybe it would not be as long but that I would probably be in the hospital till I got the heart...

It was hard to hear those words from the doctor...basically it was like receiving a death do you live with both your heart and kidney's would be a very long and restless night for me.

2 years ago today!!

It was a Monday..I spent the weekend in the hospital with very little movement in the water removal needless to say that the Hear Cath was off. So we are still in a holding pattern hoping to do the Cath on Tuesday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 years ago today!!

March 20th 2009, I was at a follow up appointment with the clinic, as most pre-transplant people do. I was holding 25 liters of fluid and we made the decision to admit me to the hospital and take the weekend to get the fluid off my body and then on Monday we would do a heart cath and see what is going on with the heart functions.

So I called Sharon and filled her in on what the plan was for the weekend. My next call was to my friend Danny. You see I had already picked up our Shabbos Dinner and it was in the car. So I called Danny and asked him to come and pick up the meal.

After, I met Danny in the parking garage and we exchanged the meal. I went back into the hospital got settled into my room. To be honest I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend of Peeing...

Monday, March 14, 2011


I posted an event over on facebook...sorry twitter fans I can not list it on twitter as it is to long but now you can read it.

Ok so the event is to take place on March 26, 2011 the 2nd year anniversary of my heart transplant. I asked people to please join me in saying a prayer on that day for the donor and their family because if it was not for their sacrifice at a time of sorrow for them I would not be alive today.

A simple request, I have people who may attend and some who are not attending and some whom have yet to RSVP.

Is it not amazing that people are so busy that they can not take 1 minute to say a prayer or take a minute of silence to remember the sacrifice made by a family who just lost their 22 year old child.

With the horrific things that have happen around the world this week...I realize even more then I usually do that life is a gift and that gift can be taken away at any moment.

Because of the sacrifice of my donor and their family the gift of life was given to 8 people on March 26, 2009....and if in this world we can not take a minute to say a prayer or just take a moment to think of that sacrifice then it is a sad commentary on our lives.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Call me MR. Zero for short!!

Ok so I am in a good mood. Got the phone call that the results of my blood work for any signs of rejection came in and has been for the last 24 months things are still looking Freaking Awesome. As I posted earlier the results of this test are 100% accurate in showing no rejection...but if there is rejection it does not show how much.

I am still sitting with zero rejection after almost 2 years...if I can get through year 3 with these same kinda of results I will be home free of anything major happening as far as rejection goes.

My next test will be the dreaded Left/right heart cath that I will have in May!!!! Yes I really do not like this test but you gotta do what you gotta do!!

Ok so go out and make a difference in the world today!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

and a good time it was.....NOT

Ok so I got to the clinic on time...was called back at actual appointment time and was seen by the Nurse...followed by the coordinator....who ordered a slew of blood weight was up 2lbs from my last visit and has been creeping up over the last couple...(funny my scale at home weighs me the same everyday) Dr. Mike asked if my scale was broken...(no because it shows my wife's weight going down...) so as long as my scale at home stays the same or goes down I really see no issue here. But the appointment at the clinic went a little longer the I had hoped...the above mentioned Dr. Mike and the surgeon..were running a little behind after waiting 45 minutes are conversation was somewhat brief.....them."you look great any concerns?" Me "Nope I feel great." them, "good so the plan is for you to get blood work today and then we will see you in May for your yearly Right and Left heart Cath." me, "Sounds good."

Drove over to the lost but eventually found it.....did not go far enough up the road...go in register and then weight for 45 mins...finally got called back...girl begins to input test in the computer...ok we are ready to go...6 tubes of blood later...and another 5 minutes of waiting while we reviewed my demographics to make sure the right tubes get tested and I was on my way home at 11 AM...was it faster then getting a biopsy....yes in the fact that it only took 5 minutes to take the blood...but from the start of the clinic visit till I was done with the blood work I would say it was a tie.

I did offer a suggestion to my coordinator that I saw time I would like to do the blood work a week in advance...Since it is only 100% accurate for showing no rejection...that way if there is doubt I will already be scheduled for a biopsy and it is far easier to cancel that the day of then waiting to schedule for another day.

I should have the results by early next in the meantime I ask you all to say a brief pray that everything will come back fine.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It is time for the clinic

In about 6 hours I will leave the house and drive into the Burgh to Transplant Clinic at UPMC Presby...this trip will be different then my previous post transplant trips and to tell you the truth I am very excited about it.

WHY you ask...let me tell you..this time I see the usual people..but instead of leaving them and going to the Cath lab for a Biopsy....I get to go to a different building and get a blood test. The test is a lot quicker then a Biopsy and does not require me laying on a table for 30 minutes with my shoulders (yes they still bother me) screaming and get stiff to the point of tears. The blood test will only tell if there is no rejection..however after having none for the last 23 months there is no reason to think there will be...but if G-d forbid there is it does not say how much there is so I would then need to have the Biopsy done.

I find it hard at times to put my head around the fact that in a short 23 days that 2 years have passed since I received that wonderful gift of life from a family who in their greatest time of sorrow thought enough to allow several people to be helped with their love ones organs. I thank G-d everyday for the wonderful gift I have been given.

I will let you all know how the test goes in the mean time talks among yourselves...
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