Monday, March 14, 2011


I posted an event over on facebook...sorry twitter fans I can not list it on twitter as it is to long but now you can read it.

Ok so the event is to take place on March 26, 2011 the 2nd year anniversary of my heart transplant. I asked people to please join me in saying a prayer on that day for the donor and their family because if it was not for their sacrifice at a time of sorrow for them I would not be alive today.

A simple request, I have people who may attend and some who are not attending and some whom have yet to RSVP.

Is it not amazing that people are so busy that they can not take 1 minute to say a prayer or take a minute of silence to remember the sacrifice made by a family who just lost their 22 year old child.

With the horrific things that have happen around the world this week...I realize even more then I usually do that life is a gift and that gift can be taken away at any moment.

Because of the sacrifice of my donor and their family the gift of life was given to 8 people on March 26, 2009....and if in this world we can not take a minute to say a prayer or just take a moment to think of that sacrifice then it is a sad commentary on our lives.


Elizabeth said...

I will say a prayer of thanks and remembrance for your donor and their family on March 26. I won't be able to join you there, but will do it from my neck of the woods!

mikimi said...

Please remind again on FB the day before. I am going to post to my page to also spread the word.

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