Thursday, March 3, 2011

and a good time it was.....NOT

Ok so I got to the clinic on time...was called back at actual appointment time and was seen by the Nurse...followed by the coordinator....who ordered a slew of blood weight was up 2lbs from my last visit and has been creeping up over the last couple...(funny my scale at home weighs me the same everyday) Dr. Mike asked if my scale was broken...(no because it shows my wife's weight going down...) so as long as my scale at home stays the same or goes down I really see no issue here. But the appointment at the clinic went a little longer the I had hoped...the above mentioned Dr. Mike and the surgeon..were running a little behind after waiting 45 minutes are conversation was somewhat brief.....them."you look great any concerns?" Me "Nope I feel great." them, "good so the plan is for you to get blood work today and then we will see you in May for your yearly Right and Left heart Cath." me, "Sounds good."

Drove over to the lost but eventually found it.....did not go far enough up the road...go in register and then weight for 45 mins...finally got called back...girl begins to input test in the computer...ok we are ready to go...6 tubes of blood later...and another 5 minutes of waiting while we reviewed my demographics to make sure the right tubes get tested and I was on my way home at 11 AM...was it faster then getting a biopsy....yes in the fact that it only took 5 minutes to take the blood...but from the start of the clinic visit till I was done with the blood work I would say it was a tie.

I did offer a suggestion to my coordinator that I saw time I would like to do the blood work a week in advance...Since it is only 100% accurate for showing no rejection...that way if there is doubt I will already be scheduled for a biopsy and it is far easier to cancel that the day of then waiting to schedule for another day.

I should have the results by early next in the meantime I ask you all to say a brief pray that everything will come back fine.

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