Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It is time for the clinic

In about 6 hours I will leave the house and drive into the Burgh to Transplant Clinic at UPMC Presby...this trip will be different then my previous post transplant trips and to tell you the truth I am very excited about it.

WHY you ask...let me tell you..this time I see the usual people..but instead of leaving them and going to the Cath lab for a Biopsy....I get to go to a different building and get a blood test. The test is a lot quicker then a Biopsy and does not require me laying on a table for 30 minutes with my shoulders (yes they still bother me) screaming and get stiff to the point of tears. The blood test will only tell if there is no rejection..however after having none for the last 23 months there is no reason to think there will be...but if G-d forbid there is it does not say how much there is so I would then need to have the Biopsy done.

I find it hard at times to put my head around the fact that in a short 23 days that 2 years have passed since I received that wonderful gift of life from a family who in their greatest time of sorrow thought enough to allow several people to be helped with their love ones organs. I thank G-d everyday for the wonderful gift I have been given.

I will let you all know how the test goes in the mean time talks among yourselves...
Need a topic....

How do we get more people to become ORGAN DONORS?

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