Thursday, December 30, 2010

Only in my world!!

As I wrote in an earlier post...I recently was seen at the Diabetic Center at UPMC and we made some changes to my basal settings(that is the insulin I get throughout the day) on my insulin pump. The best way to see if these new settings are working correctly is to fast for 6 hours during the day...on 3 different days and different times.

Well yesterday I decided to do the test from 7AM-1pm. The only requirement was that my sugar reading had to be under 170...well that was no problem so I started at 7 my sugar was 154 at 10 it was 147 so far so good..I then went to the YMCA and did 40 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and elliptical..I finished and got home at 12 so I checked my sugar it was 197 and then at 1 it was down to I call the doctor with the results. The nurse informed me that because I had the 197 reading that the I would have to repeat the test another day.

I am kinda I don't eat my sugar is fine with the settings...however it would appear that exercising only makes my sugar go up!!!

I always said that exercise and dieting will kill you. Just look at the word diet it starts with the letters DIE... That is a joke you all keep exercising and dieting (0r as I like to say maintain that healthy lifestyle).

As my favorite hat says...Failure in not an Option.

I will get this sugar stuff taken care of and under control.

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