Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa Has Left The Building

Each year I get to play Santa at our holiday party for some of our students and their was that day.

All but one child cried....they were little boys and girls...from age 3mos-4 years.

I have a tradition that if both expectant parents are in the program that they take a Picture with Santa... If a Pregnant Mom is there alone...yep she gets her picture with Santa as well.

I bitch and moan about putting on the dang suit...which does not fit as well as it did when I weighed 65lbs more then I do now....Santa does not walk around....if he did, he be walking around with his pants on the ground....not a cool picture...and the kids would run screaming and kicking out of there.

But I love it....over the years I have looked different...the one year the only thing we could find for stuffing was a quilt...but it would not go round it would only fold in a square..that was the Square Belly Santa....and we laugh at the office when we look at those pictures....

It was fun being Santa...or his know cause the Real Santa is busy this time of the year....I guess I have 12 months to either find a good tailor to take in the suit....find stuffing to make the suit fit better or find a new Santa...Yeah I will be there next year!!!

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mikimi said...

can you post santa suit pics thru the years? I miss chrismas light and all-even though i am jewish, just being american...but living in israel there are some americana that i miss.

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