Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting a little tired of the high numbers....

I can not figure out what in the hell is going on with my blood sugars....numbers that are high like 500+ high...and if you know anything about diabetes you know that this is bad....problem is I don't feel anything when my sugar is high.

Today it was 581 this morning....I finally got it down to 87...I ate and then by the time I ate again it was 105....I had 2 little buffalo chicken wraps with some corn chips...I bolused for 40 grams of carbs which may have been a little to much...I bowled 3 games and came home..that was 3 hours after eating...checked my sugar it was 380....WTF....

Sharon thinks that I may have a serious allergy to Gluten...that maybe true because I ate an apple and cottage cheese for lunch....and the sugar stayed low...I had a snack when I got home of a yogart.....will see what it is before I go to bed.

The sad thing is I really try to watch what I eat and still have these highs...good news is that I am seeing a new Endo doc in the next two weeks....maybe they can help me!!!

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