Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Walking from sea to sea

That is walking from one ocean to another....not really walking across the country...but the equivalent of that on a treadmill.

My brother Mike and his friends have this group called W.I.M.P(work in major progress) started by my brother and then some friends joined in on getting fit....So they decided to do this and I have decided to join them and you can join also...

Here you go...from 12-1-10 to 2-1-11 you need to walk 5.5 miles a day..... That's it...

But it already 12-1-10 I am a day behind so for the next 2 days I will an extra 2.75 miles....I am going to do this....

Some folks are doing push ups or sit ups....that's cool I think it is 200 a day!!

Let's get out there and move!!!

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