Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 years ago today!!

March 20th 2009, I was at a follow up appointment with the clinic, as most pre-transplant people do. I was holding 25 liters of fluid and we made the decision to admit me to the hospital and take the weekend to get the fluid off my body and then on Monday we would do a heart cath and see what is going on with the heart functions.

So I called Sharon and filled her in on what the plan was for the weekend. My next call was to my friend Danny. You see I had already picked up our Shabbos Dinner and it was in the car. So I called Danny and asked him to come and pick up the meal.

After, I met Danny in the parking garage and we exchanged the meal. I went back into the hospital got settled into my room. To be honest I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend of Peeing...

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