Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who says Vampires are only out at night!!

Today was a day to go see the vampires at the local lab. I had to get my Thyroid checked as well as my 3 month sugar average....I also had my INR level checked. I did it first thing this morning came home and cleaned out the car. I am now keeping my fingers crossed that nothing happens to it as Sharon and her friends Four and Q have taken it for the day.

Tonight Evan has an outing with his youth group...they are going paint balling......

Thursday is the day of my last Pulmonary test. I will see the doc right after and then the meeting with the transplant team is in the afternoon.

I will post after that...It is a busy couple of days at work this week as we are being audited by the state.....we usually pass with great review but this year it is a new person so who knows...

Have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

If they were vampires as you say, wouldn't they be sleeping during the day and thus-
not taking your blood?????

Ponder that one.

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