Saturday, November 7, 2009

It has been a very long week!!

I have been fighting some kind of sinus thing now since last Sunday!!! It hit me and it hit me hard. I managed to go to work the times I needed to go but the rest of the time I was in bed. Finally on Friday I felt good...that is until about 8 PM when that good old fashion pain in my head came back...Spent most of today in bed or relaxing in my chair..I drank a lot of fluid and I made myself some Matzah Ball Soup. It is now after midnight...I took my meds again and did dose off for an hour or so......

Ok I hate being sick..throws my sugar out of whack and makes me cranky or as my family likes to but it "Dr. Anthony and Mr. Hyde" I really don't mean what I say or do and I feel bad but not feeling well and the sugar out of whack makes for a Horrible combination.

Funny thing is while I hate being least I am here to be sick....did not look that way back in March!!

Whatever this is will pass and then I can get back to the gym!!

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Elianah-Sharon said...

It's Dr. Anthony and Mr. Wonderful to be exact and we are voting Mr. Wonderful off the island.

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