Sunday, May 10, 2009

It Is Over And Done!!!!!!!!!!

I went to see cardiologist on March 20th...He says we can do a heart cath on Monday the 23rd....I agree but only if I can stay in hospital and get some of the fluid off my body...he agrees and so I stay and each day the water remains....on Tuesday the 24th the give me meds that make my heart pump easier and efficiently thinking this would help...doc says I know moved from a level 2 to a level 1b and would I be ready if a heart should be available in the next week or so.......HELL YES!! The very next day he comes in at 10 am and says we have a heart..started surgery at 11:30 on March 25th and finish on 26th.....things did not go well as my kidneys would not play nice so spent a few days on dialysis....finally got to the floor and after a few days they took the bladder cath out......

I was finally discharged on April 21...and a week later celebrated my actual 45th birthday and my first birthday since getting my new heart.

I returned home on May 1stt\..Iam now driving..walking an hour a day starting tomorow...back at rehab and feeling wonderful!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!!!

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Lenny said...

Anthony, I just read through your entire blog and what an amazing story you have to tell. How are you feeling, hope things are going well.

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