Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Those words flowed like water off of Dr. Tuvia's lips when I met with him today for a transplant follow up appointment. Yes today I was able to get an ECHO, Bloodwork and see the man himself all in one visit. It is so good to have the insurance issue that plagued me in September behind me.

First let me state that the visit was Excellent and the ECHO looked great. So what did we have to discuss and why did those words flow like the Jordan River...well you see I still have trouble keeping my sugar under control...a lot of it has to do with me...(I tend to eat when I am bored and I have been bored waiting for our stuff to get here>>>that is a long story and a different post!! So when I met with the Diabetic Doctor last week she was not happy that there was some level of Protein in my she wanted to put me on a blood pressure medicine to help with that...I took the prescription and got it filled but did not take it...Yes I Wanted to talk it over with Dr. T. he is fine with me taking it but wants me to start out at 5mg a day in 2(2.5mg) doses for a few weeks and then for up to 10 mg 2(5mg doses a day) the Diabetic Doc wanted to start out at 10 once a day...but since it leaves your system after 8 hours Dr. T. wants to do it that way and also it will give us time to see how it effects my blood pressure(which for the record is perfect)
So when those sweet words come at was when we began to discuss Glucaphage ... again Diabetic Doctor thinks it may help me get better control and as she delicately put it will help me lose weight...(for the record on this point I weigh 203 lbs weighed about 195 after the transplant and have maintain this +/- a few lbs. I really don't want to take this medicine..I know that if I watch I can get it under control and I had a really good start till the weekend was over and I was here by myself...I saw what making the right choices can do to maintain a healthy glucose level...And, I do admit to Dr. T. looks at me and says, "you can do it one of two ways, it is your decision I don't care if you take it." Now hold on here is the COOL PART....he goes on and says, "But if I were you I keep my mouth shut and only put in there what needs to go in other words if you want to cheat take the medication...if you don't want to cheat then keep your mouth shut."

If you think about those words they can have several meanings for everyone. I can see a couple in there for myself:

1. I am in control of my sugar and yes if taking a pill is how I want to do it I can do that and it would be easy...But I am not one for doing things the easy way.

2. I can also see it working for mental health...only in reverse...if you like to have stress and struggles and anger and resentment in your life keep your mouth shut...but if you want to be stress, anger and resentment free then open your mouth and say something. CAUTION: you have to watch how you say things so that you are not coming across as a TYRANT or MAD MEN and remember by relieving your stress may not be conducive to eliminating the stress, anger and resentment of the person with whom you are conversing...


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