Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where did you all go?????

Sorry for not posting anything in awhile...everything here is fine I am now 4 months post transplant and I am feeling great.....I returned to work on June first and am now back into the swing of things. Cardiac rehab is going really well and I try to exercise at least 6 days a week...3 at rehab and 3 on my on either walking the hood or at the mall before it opens.

Medication levels are where they should be....all biopsies have come back with no signs of rejection and my lungs have also made a complete turn around....if all goes well at my next 2 biopsies I should only be on anti rejection meds, a antibiotic, and cholesterol pill. I am really happy about that. Tomorrow night I have to wear a pulse ox machine to record levels on room air...if numbers are good then I get to stop using O2 at night.

Well that is all for now!!

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