Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sorry for the long time between this post and the last one.....time seems to have gotten away from me.

First and probably the most important update is at the last appointment there was great heart functions and again absolutely no signs of rejections....I need to get blood work in January and then the last heart cath and biopsy for the first year of post transplant will be on February 10, 2010. If this goes well and there is no reason to think that it won't then I will have only 4 done in the 2nd year of post transplant.

One of the negative side effects of having 3 heart surgeries and a transplant is that you develop bursitis and my friends I have been suffering long enough...ok not that long but over a month....went to family doc because not only were shoulders hurting but all joints in body killed...blood test and x-rays showed NADA!!!.....Then on 12/22/09.....I fell flat on my back on the ice....went to chiropractor on 12/23 who adjusted my neck and upper back and did some minor tweaking to the a nice rub down after....followed the direction about icing the shoulders as much as possible..still I had no relief.....when I saw him Monday mentioned the shoulders again after another adjustment to the neck.....he felt shoulders had me do some moving and said Bursitis and gave me a number to a doc for cortisone shots....checked with the famous Colleen(transplant coordinator) got the ok for the family doc yesterday....explain what I want and she says yes we can do that.....long pause....the earliest we can get you in is on the 8th at 7am......I will be talking to him about this after he gives me the shots...I was there a couple weeks ago in a lot of pain and to think I have to wait another week....well lets just say I am not happy...but hopefully the pain will go away....I would like to be able to tuck my shirt in and put my own belt on without asking Evan to help me!!!!

If all goes well I will finally be able to start with the weights which I really would like to do!!!!!
I have not really felt like going to the gym because the slightest movement causes great pain..but I have made a promise to myself and my donor that I am going back to the gym on Monday...and I am going to make arrangements to pick up the elliptical that my cousin has offered me so if I can't make the gym at least I will have that at the house along with the Wii fit and cardio.

Well this will be the last post of 2009....I can not believe how fast this year has gone.....It is hard to imagine that at this point and time last year I was blogging about getting ready to go and have the whole evaluation for the transplant....I wish you all a healthy and happy 2010.

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