Friday, May 20, 2011

I had a clinic appointment on Wed of this week. They did an echo the pics were not that great and one doc wanted to shoot me up with contrast to get a better look. So the came and put an IV in my hand....and then the tech comes back the nurse asked if we were ready for the contrast. "No, I showed pics to another doc and he said we are god to go."

That really sucked I got poked when I did not need to get poked.

I was supposed to have my annual rt/left full heart cath....but canceled it because It was a rough few days before as my son, had a stent put in to relieve the blockage of a kidney stone on Monday. (he will have surgery to remove that stone and the ones in his right Kidney of the 3rd of June...lucky his graduation is the 2nd)

After ECHO I met with my Coordinator and the Docs....Everything looks great and there is no need to play with anything at this time. I will have my heart cath at the beginning of June...blood work at end of June and Blood work at the end of July where they will look for rejection and finally a clinic visit the first week of AUGUST.

My weight was up to 215 but no one is concerned at this point. The weather has not been that great to go out and walk..If I had a row boat I would get some exercise because it has been raining so much. My plan is to start walking even in the rain as long as it is not severe storms and start watching more the things I put in my mouth.

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mikimi said...

good luck with getting back on track for eating and exercise plan.

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