Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday in the Burgh!!! Pittsburgh that is!!!

As Karma would have it Thursday nite we went to see Fiddler on the Roof . We have season tickets which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Usually it could nice and calm the day before and then cold as a witche's.....the nenext nite...this has been true this year....very cold when we saw Jersey Boys in the single digets...last night was a heat wave at 23 degrees...of course no adventure is complete without a snafu along the way...I was a little on edge and on the way there starting yelling at Sharon and we exchanged words and I called her a word that no women should be called.((YEP I was bad and I detest men who use that word) I don't even know why I was angry but it hurt her and well let us say I was in and still slightly in the dog house. Because of this I knew at the appointment today I need to come clean and ask for more help then what the Lexapro was doing is the Saga of Friday!!

I first had to stop at my bank and put in my pay check and grab some money for parking and lunch...Karma....I must have the only bank that does not have early drive up hours....I put the check in the ATM and take Evan to school. On the way there the gas light comes on...I knew I need gas that morning but forgot about it when I went to the bank.....Karma......I managed to get him to school and then got gas and headed to my first appointment which was at 930am. I got there on time...BECAUSE I PLAN FOR RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC>>>MISS DUMB ASS who arrived for her appointment that was at 9 at 920 thus putting everyone off schedule by you guessed it at least 35-40 minutes...Karma...This means I was late for my next appointment that was at 1020 arriving promptly at 1029 AM...Got checked in and was told that the transplant coordinator wanted to meet with me...good I wanted to talk about therapy and some other things with her as well....30 minutes later the nurse comes back in and says has she been in yet...THAT'S A BIG NO!!! so she takes some more notes and while doing that said transplant coodinator shows up and sees us talking and says she will be back......let me just say I am still waiting for her return. Then the doc comes in we chat about the night before and I tell him I feel the time has come to begin to see someone to discuss the anxiety I am feeling.....You know waiting is not get engaged there is a wedding date......but with this even though I am prepared for it and am ok with the fact of needing the waiting is a BI**H. He recommends his wife who works with people in heart failure and are waiting for transplants>>>good I know the clinic and she is there so we make an appointment......leave and have to wait 12 minutes for my car...but good news is I got a free pass to park next week!!! WHO knows maybe the sun will shine and it will be at least 45 can always dream.

Sorry here is a round down of appointments.....Lung guy...feels that the lungs are as good as they are going to get ..feels that the new heart will allow me to have a better quality of life then I do now..but running a marathon and climbing up Mt E are out of the question.....well take those 2 things off my list...hell I be happy to walk a flight of steps with out the pain and shortness of breath that comes with it....He states that my heart is large and has caused the lungs the inability to expand he does not see this improving greatly with the transplant because the right side of my diaphram is not working correctly and there is nothing that they can do about it!! He feels that the pain I am getting with exeercise and other activities is a cardiac thing...this leads us to the meeting with the cardiologist who agreed with everything he this stage you either get tired because of shortness of breath or you get tired and the pains because your heart function is lower....we plan to do another rightsided heart cath in early April...if function is down I will probably be put on IV meds which kinda sucks but the good news is I will get to move up the list.

So that is where we are..have a good day!!

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