Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Never ending trip to Pittsburgh!!

On Friday the 27th I had a 1 PM appointment in Pitsburgh. I left New Stanton at 10 min to one for the 23 mile drive to the hospital...I was making good time until I hit Forbes and Fifth Ave. Fifth Ave. is a one way road heading west..there is a bus lane that heads East. This area is around the University of Pittsburgh so of course there is a lot of J walking by folks. The problem is if you are crossing left to right you need to check the bus lane....well that did not happen Friday and someone was hit by a bus...I was stuck in traffic for over 45 minutes to go 9 blocks....I was late for my appointment which was fine I still got seen...I got out of Oakland at 2:40 but need to pick up dinner I ordered at a local shop in Squirrel Hill by 3pm....I made it with 2 minutes to spare but talk about stress.

The appointment went well..this was with a medical Doctor who deals with pain and anxiety around transplants and cancer...but she made it clear that she is not a therapist....we talked for a while and she left to make a call to a Psychiatrist to see about adding another medication to my daily meds to help me relax and sleep better....My mind tends to race at night and agin waiting for the phone to ring is she came back with a script for soomething...she also gave me the number for a Cognative therapist who I called Friday but she stated she needed to get back to me Monday as she was not at her office....All in all it was productive day.

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Penelope Pitstop said...

I am really glad you're sleeping better.

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