Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday to Sunday the week in review!

Last Sunday Sharon, Alison and I took Evan to his religious school. We then went for breakfast..I was not moving well that day and having a hard time getting up and down and in and out of the car...Sharon decided that today was the day to buy a cane...we had talked about it because with congestive heart failure you get week some times and wobbly sometimes....Any way it helps so I am glad. We picked up Evan and went to see Movin Out...I love Billy Joel but fell asleep and missed the whole first act!!!! After the play qwe came home chilled for a few hours and then had Adult Education at our temple....It was a lively debate.

Monday I was not feeling well and thought that I had a bladder infection. We took Evan to the Doctor for an appointment that was made awhile ago...after that I took the family to dinner.

Tuesday morning called doctor made an appointment for after rehab to see them>Rehab did not go well as my heart rate kept jumping over 100 which it is not allowed to do< was given anti biotics to fight infection but was told I would be called by Thursday if the culture was differrent. I took Evan to see his therapist Melissa and then we came home.

Wed....took Evan to school and then stayed in bed the whole day....really not feeling well!!!

Thursday went to office and then rehab...better session this a call from the Doctor's office to say the strain of infection I have does not respond to the anti biotic so we start a new one. I pick Evan up from School and we come home and get him packed for his religious retreat in Cleveland....Sharon and I drop him off and get a pizza on the way home.....

Friday I go to two of my schools and then I have my first appointment with Ellen....she will be my therapist and she deals in cognative behavioral change.....We got along fine and to be honest I probably should have done therapy along time ago...that and the combinations of meds really seem to be helping take awy some of the anxiety. Sharon and I have a quiet dinner then we go to services and spend some time with our friends.

Saturday we go for our Hebrew is bad when the boy speaks better then I do and is quick to point it out!!!! Later we go out to dinner with our friends Liz and Lar...We four then head off to see Slumdog first on Liz wanted to see it but at the end we were all glad we went.

Sunday we went to see Sarah and Sam at their Purim Carnival, we went to the Museum, had coffee with Becca at Starbucks We picked up Evan stopped and got him something to home I put on my stereo and my head phones and listened to Oldies for 3 hours....great way to end the week right...wrong...

I received an E-mail from a very old and dear friend that I have been trying to connect with for that is the way to end a week end on a positive note:)

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