Saturday, August 29, 2009

I did it!!!

Ok so the %K walk was this morning at 9:00 AM....I crossed the finish line at 10:04 AM. The race had a few more hills then I thought but I knew that I could do it!!!

I am feeling fine and already have some plans to keep looking for these opportunities as they come along. My goal is to do a short walk tomorrow and then Monday morning I will be at the YMCA getting a family membership.

O Yeah I have to join the YMCA because I graduated from Cardiac Rehab Last week.

I called my Mother first after the walk..texted my brothers and sister and my co-workers and then I called my Transplant Coordinator to let her know...she was on call but, her last comment to me on Monday is that she did not want to hear that I was going to the I called her and told her my time....also I had not gotten any results of my cath and biopsy this week I wanted to make sure they were fine which of course they were.

Have a good Sunday!!

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Lenny said...

That is awesome and amazing!

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