Monday, August 31, 2009

Are old habits really that hard to break?

Are old habits really that hard to break? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Since the heart transplant I have taken a serious look at these 2 questions and for mself the answer to both questions with out a doubt are YES!!! I was a person who never liked the words diet or exercise...But, now I find myself eating better and actually enjoying exercising!! My Therapist the wonderful Ms E. says it looks like I have found my nich regarding my health. That these changes have allowed me the opportunity to come off some anti-depressant medication and some anti anxiety meds. Right now the only meds that I am on are the ones that I will be on for the rest of my life. So have I changed yes!!

There are others who I think still view me as the sick child or adult that they have known most of their lives..if not all of mine. Don't get me wrong these are folks who really care about me, but sometimes the support for the new me does not come shining bright when I would like it to.

So when I was at the beach a couple people were concerned that it was hot and that I should not be out in the heat!! Guess what...I wasn't I would try to walk daily either in the morning or at night...during the hottest parts of the day I was in the camper with the AC was so hot that only one dinner was cooked outside. When the cool breeze came off the bay guess what I built a fire and sat in front of it and enjoyed myself and had a good time with Evan!!!

When I announced that I was going to do the 5k walk...My mother told me don't over do it...she said that I did not have to finish it and to be careful as she thought I only was working out at rehab...she did not realize that I had been walking all around Jeannette and Nut mountain to get ready for this race!!!

Another example happened tonight..I told the boy at 6:20 that I was going for my 3 mile walk...I had my cell and that I would be home by 7:30....Imagine my suprise when I took my phone out to check the time and he called me 7 times..a call fron his mom broke up a few of them....worried I called him and asked him what was up? "I'm hungry!" he said. WTF>>>these calls started 5 minutes after I left...I told him there was food in the house and go head and eat!! When I got home he told me he thought I was gone to long and something could have happened since I did not answer the phone....explained that hard to feel the vibration when I am walking..can't hear ringer since I have the I-pod in my ears!!! shouldn't be over doing could get sick!!

I realize to those who have been around me my whole life or their whole life that they are used to seeing a sick them the heart transplant was only 5 short months ago and I should still be recovering. To me it feels like years since the transplant...I have moved on to the second part of my life with a new out look and gratitude that I do watch what I eat and I do exercise. So know that I know when I can press myself and when I should rest.

So I guess I need to be patient while I wait for them all to catch up to where I am right now!!

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