Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HI Ho...back to the YMCA we go!!

In June of 1998 Sharon got us a family membership..September of that year I went on Disability...we used the Y for swimming and youth sports for Ev. We would also go and use cardio equipment...but the further my health went down hill we used it mostly for Ev....So know last December that I would have the Transplant Eval and all things were pointing to the transplant we canceled the Y membership.....Today I went to register us and the lady behind the desk was you all were members for a long time and then you quit in December..I relayed the story and she said since it was less then a year she was going to charge registration fee for a Second year membership which end up saving us close to 60.00 dollars in registration and first month fees.

So now it is back to the Y to switch up my cardio and begin weight training!!!

For fun and exercise today I took Ev bowling...we had not bowled since his 14th birthday..he and I hopefully will be in a family league on Sundays and I am in a league on Wed. Nights...so we brushed the dust off the bowling balls..Ev averaged 70 for the three game...I averaged 108 thank goodness I had 140 the second game or it would have been bad!!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you're keeping an eye out for a good pair of running shoes-

anthony said...

No but I did by a pair of cross trainer shoes!!

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