Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I fell off the wagon....

I fell off the healthy eating wagon on Labor Day... I started out doing well and had played WII bowling and tennis for 1 hour so I had my workout for the day!! We went shopping at Burlington and then went to the mall....I got a chicken (teriyaki) salad for lunch and a bottle of water. As we are walking around I feel my sugar going south like an Ice Cube in Hell!!!Dashed off to the Dollar store and bought a candy bar...I figured that would get me a quick fix....It did and more!! It opened a whole can of eating every Carb within reach of my hands...ok I also got up to get some but I needed it!!!

So how do you think I felt this morning????? Like 100% certified SHIT!!!! Yep I felt like shit...tired and not wanting to get up.

I have returned to the wagon....next time sugar falls will eat a candy bar or do what I need to do to get it to a safe level...but I will not binge like I did yeasterday!!

Hell to the NO!! I will go for a walk..... eat my almonds.... listen to music....pray....and sit on my hands...but I will not Ever do that again!!!

Just for the record...I have also been with out any type of soda or caffine for the last 3 weeks...I did not fall off that wagon!!

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