Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Staying Healthy when in West Virginia!!

Before my transplant I ate anything I wanted...since the transplant not so much....this causes a bit of confusion for my father in law. Don't get me wrong the man has a heart of gold and would give you anything you need but he is in two words a food pusher. This weekend on Saturday he got some Arby's with cheese for Evan, chicken nuggets (4) for Sharon...for me he got me 2 double bacon cheese burgers from Burger King.....he got them Saturday night and gave them to us when we went to the club to see him....the club that has smokers in it...I sit by the kitchen and he runs the smoke eaters....I don't drink anymore so I sip on Tomato juice......I took the food back to his house and put it in the fridge...he wanted us to take it home when we left so we did not have to stop....when we stopped at the gas station to get Sharon a coffee and Evan a coke I had her toss out the 2 burgers...further down the road the Arby's went as well. I try to tell him that I don't eat that stuff anymore and he gets sad and says he does not what to have when we are there.

He did have yogurt and almonds and juice so I was happy. Oh and he had a cheese pizza that I cooked for Evan.

I did well but may need to have a talk about the double bacon cheese burgers.....I have a 22 year old heart and would like to keep it healthy.

How would you handle this???

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Lenny said...

You did what I would do, I'm the same way (trying to take care of my single ventricle). People at work are always bringing in donuts or Bacon egg and cheese biscuits, and I just push them away. Won't do it..everything I eat has to be healthy for the heart and me. I had my fair share of junkie food in the past, but no more!!!

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