Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All Packed and ready to go!!

Count down is on till we leave for Disney.....and not a minute to is freakin cold and I need to go to where it is warm.

Evan Already has a two hour delay for tomorrow so we will get up and do a little last minute cleaning...take the dogs to the kennel and him to school.....I don't think I will have rehab...I will need to see if the school district where it is located is on a delay......

Tomorrow we go to see "Jersey Boys" we were going to stay at a hotel before our flight but I figured the show should be over by 10:30-11 and then we can grab a bite to eat and head to the airport we need to be there by 4 anyway for our flight....we will snooze in the terminal and on the flights we will be good....I have my Oxygen being delivered to the hotel so I will have for Friday night sleep.

I am going to use the 10 days we are there to relax and enjoy... we know that this will be the last vacation of any distance until the new heart as I will not be allowed to travel more then 3 hours from home....yes you can suspend your place on the list for trips but I have no desire to tempt fate.

So if you are in a place where it is cold...stay warm!!

Will post from Mickey's house if I get a chance!!!

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