Thursday, January 8, 2009

The waiting game!!

If I had to use a movie to describe how I am feeling right now you all would think that I am crazy.....but then again perhaps I am!!

Ready: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory No no no not the one with Johnny Depp but the one with Gene no the original one!!!! The better one!!!

Anyway..I feel like young know the boy so poor that he and his parents and both sets of grandparents all live in a tiny small one room house!!! There was one golden ticket left in the whole world and he wanted to find it......remember how bad he felt that his grandpa spent the money on candy bar and how excited everyone was when he found the golden ticket....

Still can hear the song in my head......" I got a golden ticket etc. etc.

Well anyway that is how I feel right now!

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Four said...

Up the airy mountain
Down the rushing glen
we dare not go a huntin'
for fear of little men


"daddy! I want a squirrel"

Hard to choose, hard to choose

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