Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stick a fork in me I am done!!! Or Day 2 of Testing!!!

Today was day two of testing. Everyone was nice but things were a little haywire!!

I arrived and signed in!! Most of the day was spent in the radiology department having CT scans and ultra sounds done of my stomach, liver, dopplers of my legs and sonogram of my carotid arteries.

The first test I had to fast for 8 hours the third test was 2 hours later and I had to fast for 3 hours....they moved the third test up another hour to 1:30 which meant no food all day>>>yepper pepper a diabetic going almost 15 hours without food.....the LPN who started my IV for the contrasting dye(that I did not know I was getting)..slip me a sugar cookie. The excitement came when he told me they were going to do a CT of my lungs....NO that was done already it is supposed to be a liver and pelvic CT!!! He showed me the script!!! No all test were ordered by same doctor..he gets on computer and finds the right script....OK so now we are all on the same page!!

After all the stuff in Radiology I go up to the heart center to have my blood work done...To bad they took out the IV Site the girl says...now I have to poke you again....GREAT!! ok so who would have known that transplant pre test would involve blood work...I did but I was not ready when the girl says they need 20 tubes for different test including AIDS!!!!

Last stop was for a ECHO Cardiogram...it went ok...and Finally at 3:20 I was on my way to get Evan at my mom's house!!!

Next step is to wait to see what happens at the round table discussion next Monday!!! I am not counting down to that...No I am counting down the days to both Jersey Boy Show and our escape to Disney for our last family vacation...once I am listed I have to stay with in a 3 hour radius of the house!!! If I want to travel for more then a day I will need to suspend my name from the list....but like the saying goes, "I was at that train station when my ship came in!!!" In other words I would have that kind of luck!!

Later Dudes I am one Tired BOY!!

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Michelle said...

Sounds very encouraging! I'm sure those were two long days. Like you, we are counting down the days till Jersey Boys (16)! You will LOOOOOVE Jersey Boys. It is so awesome that words can not even describe it. Since I saw it on Broadway, if this production is even 1/4 as good as Broadway, I'll be happy. I know that the audience in Pgh will not be as pumped as the NY crowd, but I hope Pgh does me proud. However, unlike you we aren't counting down the days till Disney (you lucky ducks). PEACE!

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