Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HI HO HI HO It"s Off to Rehab I GO!!!

Today was the first day of Rehab....Did I like it.....Not....am I Sore and tired...You betcha....Will I go back....Do I have a choice....

8 minutes warm up
8 minutes on a arm leg amchine
8 minutes on a arm machine
8 minutes on a reclining bike

3 minute cool down

What a day!!!

After I went to the lab to get the container will I will make a deposit of YELLOW GOLD for a 24 hour period!!!

20 days and counting till the next round of testing!!

You all have a good day!!


Z said...

You are SOOO going to be ready for the misnomered "Death March through Disney"!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish you well this time of year.

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