Monday, December 29, 2008

It is official I can't hang with my 66 year old father in law!!

I went to visit my father in law...usually we go to one of the clubs he owns and spend about an hour...not this time we were at 4 clubs and spent 6 hours out...that means I got home at 3 AM Sunday Morning after I had been up since 6 AM Saturday Morning to go and see him!!!!

YesterdaY was a blur...I managed to get 4 hours of sleep then we got up and went to breakfast with Dad and we were on the road home by 11:30 AM. I took a brief nap at the end of the Steeler game and then was in bed with TV off at 10 PM. I slept till 10 Am this morning and then Evan and I cleaned the basement and ran some errands...we went to Super Panda for lunch as we could not get near Chick-a-filet!!!!

Got home at around 3 and took nap till 5:30 and then got up and got on the Wii fit which showed my Wii age as ..........60....well at least I can now set some goals of trying to get my Wii age to 45 by my Birthday!!!

Have a good day!!


Four said...

Hey, call me before you do the "ttee" pose. I'll come over :)

Four said...


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