Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A sad Saturday!!!

Last Wed. at work I heard the news that an 18 month old of one of our students who graduated in June died.....We were all sad as all kind of rumors have been flying about the cause of death....however if what people were saying was true it did not make the papers or news, this leads me to believe that the rumors are false. So Saturday morning I met one of my co-workers and we went off to the funeral home to pay respects and to attend the service...However after seeing the little girl in the coffin and her mother standing there for twenty minutes holding her litle hand it was more then I could take and I knew that my co-worker was uneasy as well...Why..she has a 3 month old at home.....so we hugged the mom and we left...as soon as we got to the car she turned on her cell phone and a picture of her daughter came up.( I refer to myself as her grandpa Anthony as I am 20 years older then her mom) we both paused for a minute and when I got out of the car I told her to give my granddaughter a big hug for me.

I think the hardest thing that I parent should ever have to go through is to bury their child or grandchild!!!

Hug your babies and grandbabies tonight!!

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