Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keep going!!

Yesterday was the 2 pulmonary test that I spoke about last week.

Traffic was not to bad and I was over an hour and a half early for the appointment. I had the CT scan first it was over quick,

I then had the pulmonary stress test.....the girls were nice and made me laugh but they were not lying when they said they would push me till I could not go any further. They managed to get my BP up to around 220 on my arm which we all know is not the acurate numbers so you know they had me working.

I was at Evan's school by 1:30 and made some calls.

I now have an appointment next week for the motor nerve test and then I get a three week break.

Then on the 20th of November I meet with Pulmonologist to review results...and then that afternoon we will meet with the transplant team and see what they think at this time.

On a good note I have been given the clear to travel if I feel up to I may get to go to Disney..SHHHHHHH don't tell Evan!!


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Z said...

Dude, you're going!!! I made your ressies last night! YAY!

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