Thursday, October 2, 2008

A week later.

Well tonight is a week since the famous heart cath and tee. So how has it been.

Monday I got the call from the clinic to increase one of my meds(Quinapril) from 2omgs in the morning to 40mgs. I was also allowed to stop the injections of Lovenox.

Wed. I return to work for about 5 hours. I did my paperwork for Sept. and then went to the hospital to see a couple of students new born daughter.

We recently got a wii when we switched to comcast. So yesterday we set it up. We bowled and golfed. I was tired. After a long night of not sleeping I was in the field all day today. I got winded walking into the schools and did not really have an desire to finish my lunch. Came home and again played some wii. Now am getting ready to head upstairs and put on the O2 that the doctor wants me to use at night and watch tv.

The plan is since we can not get accurate measurements of my blood pressure...we will Know if it is working if symptoms go away...we have changed it to dramatically if I get dizzy.....and we may need to increase and tweak them more if the symptoms don't go away.

I have a call in to Dr A to call me towards the end of next week as I have a 2 day trip to Harrisburg on the 14th and 15th.

See you on the flip side!!

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