Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Monday can't trust that day!!

Morning all- Took my Lovenox last night and this morning...still not feeling well in the old tummy. Got a call from Cardio Nurse asking again if I wanted anything called in for it. No I am going for bloodwork and hopefully it went up the 0.4% that we need to get to the magical number of 2 so I can stop taking it.

Thanks to Ellen who suggested Peppermint Patties as away to deal with it!!! And yes that Tin taste in the mouth is so cool...NOT!!!

I took Evan to school went to the lab and had the bloodwork should have results by 1-2 this afternoon......but you wanna know what is so sad....They make a meter (like a glucose meter) that you can do this test at home....Now why don't I have it.....Don't know......Know the nurse that works for Dr. A was to look into it way back when....never heard anything...will check with him again about it when he calls this afternoon.....would this make things easier...yes..would save the weekly until it is stable trips to the lab....I could have tested yesterday and called in the results and perhaps have gotten off the Lovenox sooner. Plus if I prick to check my sugar 5 -7 times a day whats one more stick weekly to keep things simple?

I will let you all know how that goes!!!

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