Friday, September 26, 2008

Back Home

I was released from the hospital at 9:35 PM last night. The Tee and Cath went well. My functions are actually better then the cath I had 3 years ago. It appears that the problem is with my blod pressure. Due to past surgeries they can not get acurate readings on my arms or legs.

The plan is to start playing with medications to bring it down. They feel that this will take care of things. They still are going to submit stuff to transplant team but it looks like I will not qualify we will just keep an eye on things.

I will continue to post so keep coming back.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony,

It sounds like you may have dodged a huge bullet!! I hate Lovenox, it is a total bitch, and I am the kind of person who tastes everything, it tastes like tin. so be thankful if you did not have that experience. I have found that peppermint patties helped for the taste, and they are chocolate, so what could be bad!! Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!! El :)

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