Friday, September 19, 2008


Good morning, I am up early attempting to get folks moving as we got home late after enjoying the play WICKED.

I have to work tosay and need to take Ev to school early. Yesterday was a long day. First I got like 3 hours sleep because I was afraid I would sleep in and not hear the alarm. I was out of the house by 7 with Ev and we made our way to the South Side for his 2 appointments. As I predicted I made it there hour early. The clinic did not open till 8:30 but Deb let us in at 8. We talked with Deb and a lot of the staff as they arrived. We saw Dr. B. at 9 and then walked over to the local CoGo's(like a 711 to folks in different areas of the country) and grabbed some soda and crackers. We then saw Kate(who is filling in for Melissa) at 10. At 11 I drove Ev the 19 blocks to meet up with his class at there community volunteer site. Got to my mom's about 12:45 she just got home from an appointment. We talked for a few minutes and then I went to take a nap...I would have an hour and a half but I missed set the alarm on my phone and it went off at 2:03 not 2:30 as I thought. I picked up Ev and headed home. Checked E-mail, loaded the dishwasher and took a quick shower. We went to dinner at Max and Erma's and headed to WICKED. Home at 11:15 unloaded the dishwasher, set up the coffee pot, put out the dogs and let them play and eat while I checked e-mails. I got to bed at 12 shut the TV off at 12:30 and was up at 5.

Today I have 3 schools to go to and then home for a quiet evening.

I just wanted to share that we are 6 days away from the test. I know many of you who are my friends from ACHA (Adult Congenital Heart Association, have had these same test. I think of all of you daily. In fact when I could not sleep the other night I thought a lot about how we met and the fact that we have remained friends for so long. You all helped me with a difficult time 10 years ago and your still helping me. For that I say Thank you!!

Have a great day!!!!


Mary said...

Hi, Anthony, Have been thinking of you a lot lately, and wishing you the best as you await your tests. Hope everything works out as well as possible for you.
Very best wishes,
Mary Kay

Anonymous said...

Hey, you never said what you thought about Wicked!? Do tell....


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