Friday, September 12, 2008


Today I received a call from the nurse at the heart center that works with the Cardiologist who is going to do my Cath. Basically she stated that her and the Cardiologist like to meet with folks prior to the Cath so they can discuss the risks, what is going to happen and what might happen if they should find any heart blockage.

I was polite and told her I knew the risk and what to expect. I have had several Caths in my life time the last one being 3 years ago. We then talked pre-meds as I occasionally have a reaction to the dye. We then talked about blood thinners and I said I knew that since the cath was on a Thursday that I should stop taking it on Sunday.

She seemed to think that I had a good understanding.

I thanked her for the call because that would save me an extra trip to the Clinic in Oakland where parking sucks!! She laughed and said that she understood. She said she would call me next week to finalize calling in the pre-procedure meds.

So the count down is on 13 days to go.

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Windsornot said...

Hi Anth-- I don't think we've ever "spoken" online. I'm a blogging friend of Sharon's.

I have to say, I think it's great that you are as well informed about your condition and about what this whole transplant stuff involves. I think the problem that a lot of people have is that they really don't understand their health-- for better or worse. An educated patient is a better patient in the long run, because they know what it entails to get better health. So kudos to you!

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