Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Monday

Ok Let's talk about a few things:

1. WICKED was total Awesome>>>>I laughed, I cried and then I laughed some more!!!

2. Baby Jacinta Marie is so Beautiful and her parents were all smiles when we saw her on Saturday Morning!!!!

3. A big THANK YOU to Rebecca for inviting Ev to the last Pirate home game of the season. He had a BLAST!!!

OK so Monday is here and we are 4 days away from lift off. Tonight I stop taking my blood thinners and begin taking One 325mg Aspirin in its place. I also called to preregister at the hospital but they still have not returned my call. I have picked up my 2 Prednisone pills so I am pre-medicated against any reactions to the contrast dye that they use.

Tomorrow I need to do some paperwork at the office...come home finish a few things that I told Sharon I would do before I go into the hospital...I need to wash clothes for Ev to take to my Mom's house and pack his stuff. I also need to wash stuff for me to take to the hospital. Oh yeah the DOG Tucker goes to the groomer as well.

Wed. I will take Ev to school with his stuff for his stay at Nani's house. Go see a few students...if I get a hold of them tonight or tomorrow....Call the hospital to see how God awful early they want me there. Pick Ev up from school wait for his 2 cousins to get home and then we may go to the mall and get pizza. Then after that home to pack my bag. First dose of Prednisone at 11pm.

Sound like I got it all planned out........Lets hope.

Will try to post something on Wed night before I try to get some sleep until then.

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