Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to the schools.

Part of my job is to see students at school. I figured that I was going to need to tweak this a little with all that is going on right now. So today I had only one school to visit and was out of the house at 8:45 AM and back home by 10AM, how did I do this easy. Ev caught the same stomack bug that hit Sharon late last week. So did my thing at the school and came home if he needed me.

I got to relax and watch TV.

Now tomorrow I have 2 schools to visit. And if I have to take Ev to school my day will start at 8 Am and End by 12:45. Back home for an hour and a half nap before picking him up.

Wed. I have no students to see but have to be out most of the day since I will be covering for the other case manager who is having a baby anytime between now and the 25th when she will be induced.

Thursday I need to take Ev to see his Doctor at 9 and his therapist at 10AM. Will drop him off with his class as they will be about 19 blocks away from the center doing community work. I will go to my mom's and rest until I pick him up at 3PM. We will go to dinner and go see WICKED that evening. Friday I have to be at schools from 9 AM -1:48PM. I will go pick Ev up at school and the week will be over.

I will then begin to see students everyother week which will lighten my work week.

So we are 10 days and counting to the Cath, tee and all the other test. I will keep you posted.

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