Sunday, September 28, 2008


I had my cath and tee done 3 days ago...I feel ok...well with the exception of the bruise on my right groin that is a lovely shade of purple and the one that is on my upper lip. My stomach hurts from where I am giving my self shot of Lovenox, which I am calling the doctor about since I have been quizzy in the tummy since my last dose last night.

I did leave the house for a couple of hours today...that helped to get things going....and I actually did not feel bad. I had some chicken soup for lunch and we walked around a few stores at the Waterfront while Evan was at a Youth group event. I ccame home and slept for about a half hour and spent rest of the time watching football games.

Tomorrow I will need to get more blood work and touch base with Dr. Allada about the changes to my meds.

Hope you all have a good week I will check back on Wed after I have had a few days more to recover and start the head back to work.

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