Friday, September 19, 2008


Some times when I am tired or get short of breath or over exert myself I turn BLUE!!! Yes BLUE like those little dudes on the Saturday Morning Cartoons. A nice shade of blue not to dark not to light just right.

Well let's just say tonight I have a little BLUE in my coloring. At least that is what Sharon and Evan tell me. I am tired and I am again fighting to get the Fluids out of my stomach.......I have taken my second water pill of the day so tonight I'll be Pissing the night away(for those of you who remember the song from the 50's Dancing the night away.)

I know that I will feel better tomorrow... I am looking forward to it!!! My friend Robyn and her Husband Mike celebrated one year of marriage yesterday (thursday) and this morning at 5:09 she text me to say she was on her way to the hospital and was in labor.....2 things came to my mind rather quickly ( make it 3) !. Thank goodness I tossed my cell on the diningroom table last night so I did not get the text till 7:15. 2. Shoot that means I will probably loose the baby pool since I had next Wed. as one of my picks....but the big one was SH*T, she has my pay check. You see she was in the office and said she would bring my check this morning to the first I was like yeah but then I said NO....Last time you changed purses and left it at home. She assured me that she would not do that again....NO I said with my luck you will go into labor. " SHUT UP!!!! I WILL NOT!!" to be honest I was not to worried about it...but she called me and said that Mike was going to the house to let the dog out and they baby was already there and so he will drop it off to me on his way.

Little Jacinta Marie was born today and tomorrow I get to go visit her!!!! Ibet after holding her I won't be blue....I will pe tickled PINK!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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nm said...

awwwwww Anth.

Praying for you here in the Blue state of Washington! Okay, at least this side is blue!

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