Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a week!!

Monday- Blood work

Monday left for Harrisburg. As I mentioned before I was trying to get either portable concentrator or have one delivered to my room at hotel. In order to do this I will need to change providers because mine does not do national deliver as they are a local company. Other companies can not provide service because insurance will not cover it. Why? because I am already dealing with local company...So on my agenda for next week is to change everything to one company. That way if I travel for work or pleasure I can have O2 delivered to wherever the road leads me!!!

Monday night, Tuesday, and Wed. I was in Harrisburg for work...I actually enjoyed all the workshops I attended and the good thing was we were about 3 miles from the race track and casino. Bad news lost 40 bucks, but I had fun. I was in bed by 10 PM both nights but did not sleep well my sinuses were bothering me.

Got home yesterday and went and got Evan at my Mom's house. Stopped and got dinner and was in bed by 9 and slept till 3 was only up a few minutes and then until 6.

Took Ev to school this morning then I had an appointment with Pulmonary Doc at the Comprehensive Lung Center at UPMC. First they did a finger stick to do CBC test. Next we had a Pulmonary Function test( I was going to say something like I sucked it up and did my best to blow it) which was so fun NOT!!!

I then met with the doc. went over the Heart History and the basic other medical questions. Lungs are functioning at 50%. What is causing the shortness of breath.

1. The heart history
2. Pulmonary fibrosis (due to meds)
3. Heart may be squishing the lungs
4. Water retention
5. Nerve and muscular problems
6. Low conditioning
#5 cam up when he asked me if I had trouble getting out of chairs from a sitting position?

I do and also if I ride or drive in a normal size passenger car. I have a encapsulated nerve in my left leg and I just was chalking it up to that..but apparently it could be a cause.

Plan of action:

A. CT SCAN on 10/22
B. Pulmonary stress test (different then the heart one I had in June) They make you ride a bike!
also on 10/22
C. Motor Nerve Conduct test on 10/29.
D. Blood work (5 vials full)

OK and of course he says, "If you lose 10-15lbs you may feel better."

" Don't you think I been trying to do that for the last 10 years?" I wanted to scream!!! But I refrained and smiled. "Yeah that would help." I said.

If it comes down to low conditioning we may try Pulmonary rehab!!! I did this before so we may have to fight with the insurance company.

Have I mentioned how much I hate insurance companies!!

I then went to Evan's IEP which went well. Home to play some wii!!

and to wrap up the day we all met at the Family Doctors and got our flu shots.


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