Monday, October 11, 2010

Detoxing is a Bitch

As I stated in an earlier post I had to once again Detox my body after I fell off my Gluten Free Diet. I began detoxing yesterday and let me tell you it has been rough. I have not perspired so much in my life. My sugar levels are coming down but both yesterday and today I had a few lows. But the sweating is what is killing me....I realize that it is the poison coming out of my system still I am sweating like a ran a marathon. The only good thing is I know that this to shall pass.

It is our actions of yesterday that we pay for in the future.


Ellen J said...

How come you are detoxing?

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Had a fall of the Gluten Free wagon for like 2 days and I felt like crap. So on Saturday of last week I began detoxing from it. I finally felt like myself again on late Tuesday evening.


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