Sunday, October 10, 2010

The things you can do just by asking.

  1. I was at an event at a local Temple one Saturday Evening. As I was leaving I saw a man with a walker. On his shirt was a pin that said ask me about my organ donor and on the other side of his shirt was a picture of a young man (I thought that it might have been his grandson) To my surprise Jack told me that he had had a kidney transplant and that the picture in the pin was his organ donor. We started to talk and he asked if I was interested in becoming a volunteer at C.O.R.E. and if I was involved with T.R.I.O. and if I bowled. Yes, no, yes were my answers. So from that one question I am now a volunteer for C.O.R.E. I am joining T.R.I.O. and have become a member of Team Pittsburgh( transplant Olympics) bowling team.

So the morale of the story is.....that one simple questions can make a GREAT BIG change in your life.

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