Sunday, October 10, 2010

Once an Addict....always an Addict

This is a very important lesson that I have learned this week. I started a Gluten Free (GF)Diet at the beginning of June. I fasted for four days from foods except protein drinks and fresh fruits and veggies. It was hard at first finding things that were (GF) that tasted good but I did and even though the cost of eating this way is expensive I felt better. People would offer me all kinds of foods. I would politely decline and explain that I was (GF) and then I would talk about how my energy level was up and my sugar down and my moods a lot better.

However, last Thursday I just wanted a veggie and cheese sub so I ordered a half for lunch. What happened next is what I knew would happen. I began a 2 and a half day binge of anything that had flour or processed ingredients. The results where mortifying. Sugar out all over the place with high readings and then crashes that had me shaking like a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs, my energy level down and my mood let me just say that I can only compare it to the worst case of PMS you could imagine. So what did I do. I got up this morning and started the detox again. Simple protein drinks for breakfast and lunch. Snacks of nuts, fruits, and veggies and a dinner that will be well balanced. Finally lots and lots of water to flush out my system.

What have I learned from this? Great question. I learned that like any addict that has a problem I need to stay away from the stuff. And also like any addiction I need to take it one day at a time.

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