Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Laghed my A$$ off Tonight!!!!!

As I stated in my last I bowl....tonight was the league of mixed folks...young and old..Jews and started out as a league for the a couple of temples in the area and now is down to this mixture.

I fit somewhere in the middle of the age range....not to shabby!! I occasionally go out to dinner with what I like to call the under 30 group...well to be more accurate it is more under 29 group. There is A&W, Jdubau, Cupcake, and just added to the group tonight THE ZUES. Tonight we met for dinner at KING'S and then headed off to the lanes. As luck would have it Cupcake and Jdubau were bowling my team and A&W and The Zues were on the next lanes. Some how the jokes started flying and the quick witted responses began to happen during the second game.

By the end of the 3rd game we were all laughing and joking with each other. It made me realize that I had not really laughed like that in a couple of months. It felt good and I enjoyed it...even the part when The Zues called me Old As Dirt!!! Jdubau chimed in with your OAD...

Well this OAD guy is very grateful to have these young friends in his life...because when I am with them...I feel younger and for the most part I feel young to start.

I am so glad that I joined this league and met these fine outstanding...although slightly off their perspective rockers...young people.

So to the 4 of you I say Thanks and I love you guys.

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