Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday the end of the weekend leading us in to a short week!!!!!!!

Monday the only good thing about this one is that it starts a very short week for most people.

Today I attended my first TRIO meeting a lot of folks I knew where there so I did not feel like a stranger....out there and alone.

The talk today was on Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation.

I learned that since I am doing so well after my transplant for my heart, and the fact that the anti-rejection medication for a pancreas transplant is Prograf...which I am already on, combined with the fact that my Kidneys are working well....makes me a an excellent candidate to be evaluated for a Pancreas Transplant.

The wait if approved would be rather short as I do not need a kidney or liver transplant which are usually done with the pancreas. At the most I would be looking at a 6 mos wait...a brief few days in the hospital and that is it.......

What does it all mean....if I go and get evaluated...and if I get listed...and if I get a pancreas....I could be free of my insulin pump and as a matter of fact insulin altogether....I see this as a good thing because as we all know there are some nasty things that can happen to your body if you have diabetes which is not under control....I try really hard to keep mine that way but even the best plans go out the windows.

I think that I have made some positive changes with my eating habits since the heart came in March of 09...I am exercising more(note tomorrow Rich and I return to the Y), I am meditating and writing my blog and for more private thoughts in my journal. I think I see this as a possible step in extending my life.

Like I said it is all in the infancy stage and I have made no decisions yet...I will however be gathering more information before my appointment with the Endo-guys at UPMC on December 15th,

What I need to remember is that I am not the one guiding this ship....and I leave everything in G-d's hands...I believe that he will guide me in the right direction.

Stay tuned....I know whatever I decide to do it will all be posted here...and I will not change the name...because ALONG THE PANCREAS TRAIL does not seem to be have the peppy step in the title...

The pancreas may do a lot of things but hey, let's face it if you don't have a heart you have no use for anything else.

Today I am grateful that I went to that meeting.

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